A Trusted Partner for Immediate Stock and Crypto Loan Solutions

We help investors, executives, and insiders borrow against stock and cryptocurrency positions of US $1 million or more.


Our Services

Non recourse stock/ & crypto loan

Non-recourse stock or cryptocurrency loans are always cash vs. collateral. No need to be concerned about qualifications or traditional banking requirements.

Borrow Don't Sell

You have your reasons. Whether it’s about crypto upside potential or executive sale restrictions, we can help you borrow, not sell.

72 hours to funding!

Our lenders can FUND FAST, no dry closing!

What We Do

  • We provide loans against large stock or cryptocurrency positions
  • We help insiders, executives, and large investors borrow cash against their share ownership
  • We lend against most shares on most exchanges worldwide
  • Our lenders can work with most cryptocurrencies
  • Receive your proceeds in the jurisdiction and currency of your choice, even cryptocurrency
  • Loans can be done in tranches if requested – put up only shares collateralized
  • Annual interest rates as low as 1% and LTV as high as 95%

What We Don't Do

  • We do NOT collateralize homes, cars, or businesses – we loan against stocks and crypto only
  • We do NOT provide margin lending, mortgage loans, or other personal loans
  • We do NOT short in practice or in our contracts
  • We do NOT do traditional personal loans – non-recourse loans only and no qualifications beyond your collateral
  • We do NOT do dry closings – simple payment & collateral simultaneously
  • We do NOT work with positions under US $1 in million market value



Loan Size Range

Up To


We have a simple

3-Step Process

Complete the form on our website and within 24 hours a Loan Executive will give you a call to discuss terms and the amount of cash you have been approved for.


Loan documents will be provided by the lender for the borrower to review and sign.


The final documents will be processed, borrower pledgees stocks and lender will send the loan proceeds to you along with a closing statement.

Experts in finance

Our principals have decades of experience with complicated credit structures.

We offer the widest variety of stock loans and lenders.

We offer a transparent and fast closing process, always putting our clients first.